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"It never hurts to see the good in someone,they often act the better because of it."

Cristiano Dias (PI)

  • Associate Professor - Department of Physics (NJIT).

       On Sabbatical leave 2020-2021​ in the group of Mikko Haataja

Sharareh Jalali (PhD student)

Yanxing Yang (PhD student)

  • PhD thesis: Protein aggregation into amyloid fibrils.

  • BSc and MSc in Biomedical engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology

  • Previously: Healthcare Consultant- Roche Diagnostics, Middle East

  • PhD thesis: "Interaction of proteins with lipid bilayers".


  • Bsc and PhD (2015) at Wuhan University.

  • Previously, Associate professor at Jiangxi Normal University.

Lindsey Riggs (undergraduate)

Arhum Choudhry (undergraduate)

  • Project: interaction of the ApoE protein with cholesterol

  • Graduated from Piscataway High School


  • Head captain of the NJIT Dance Team and


  • Director of Scholarships in Alpha Kappa Psi

  • Project: 3D printing of protein structures.


Zhaoqian Su (PhD student)

  • Thesis title: "Effects of osmolytes on protein conformations"

  • Research Interests: (i) Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation for Protein Self-Assembly (ii) Signal Transduction across Cell Membrane: Outside-in and Inside-out (iii) Effect of Organic molecules/Drugs on Protein Stability.

  • Zhaoqian has abundant experience in model building and Molecular Dynamics simulations.   


Farbod Mahmoudinobar (PhD student)

  • Thesis title: "Thermodynamical stability of amyloid fibrils".​

Chitra Narayan (PDF)

  • Research Interests: (i) intrinsically disordered proteins, (ii) protein misfolding and disease, (iii) enzyme allostery and function, and (iv) antimicrobial peptides

  • Now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at New Jersey City University.



  • Now PDF at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (with Yinghao Wu).

  • In his free time, Zhaoqian enjoys reading books and playing soccer.

Undergraduate students

High School students

  • Tiffany Oliveira (ACS-PRF) - Now a master student in Chemistry at NJIT

  • Maliha Matthew (Undergraduate Summer Provost Fellow)

  • Daniel Deboer (Undergraduate Summer Provost Fellow)

  • Jiajie Xu (Summer student) - Now a Master student in Physics at Georgia University

  • Gopal Ravindhran (Undergraduate Summer Provost Fellow) - Now a graduate student in Bioinformatics at NJIT.

  • Nicole Callen (NASA fellowship) - Now a researcher at ExxonMobil.

  • Albert Fraser (Undergraduate Summer Provost Fellow) 

  • Patrick Rehain (NASA fellowship) - Now PhD student in Physics at Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Michael Papili (NASA fellowship) - Now a Sr. Linux analyst at Bloomberg LP

Check some of the youtube videos produced by Michael:

     Gromacs Tutorial       and          Real Time Visualization of Gromacs

  • Akash Prasad - Now an undergraduate student at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  • Eric Schuman, Hebert Li

  • Sope Fofah - Now an undergraduate student at Rutgers University in cell biology and neuroscience.

  • Terence Williams (SEED student) - Now an undergraduate student at Rutgers University in Computer Science

  • Jolarys Torres (SEED student) - Now an undergraduate student at Rutgers University in Biochemistry


The New Jersey Institute of Technology

Department of Physics

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